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Living Healthy Commotions

October 8, 2014 (a.m.)

           The Living Healthy Commotion has been a big part of the Healthy Student Healthy Schools initiative over the past six years and is a great way to generate school spirit and get the school year off to a wonderful start.  Try to get students involved with the Living Healthy School Team to help coordinate activities for your Commotion. 

This year, schools can complete their Commotion on the morning of October 8.  (Schools can allot 1/2 day for this event.)  Registered schools will receive financial support once again this year.  That support is based on the school population.  To see the amount for your school, please see the link, Funding for Schools.  Please take a minute to complete the Registration Form and forward to Bill Allan by Wednesday, October 1. (Email: or Fax: 709-634-1828)  Funds will be requested from the Business Office  once the School Evaluation Form is submitted after your Commotion.

 Resource materials for your Commotion can be found in the Healthy Commotion Planning Guide with ideas to help promote positive messages regarding healthy eating, physical activity, smoke free environments, mental health, healthy sexuality.  We hope schools will continue to promote fruits and vegetables as healthy food choices during the Commotion.   For more information, contact Bill Allan at 637-4021. 

Suggested Theme for Commotion 2014: Bring Back Play

Try some of with these Great Playground Games!

        In many cases, students donít know how to play many of the active games we knew as children.  If students are taught these playground games (hopscotch, double dutch, skipping rhymes, four square, tag), they can keep themselves active at recess, at lunch, and hopefully through the summer

To help with this, check out Great Playground Games.  Perhaps students could learn these games in physical education class and then senior students could help younger students play some of these favorites at recess or lunch:


         Skipping Games

         Tag Games

         Wall Ball Games

         Four Square

         Capture the Flag

         Kick the Can

         Ultimate Frisbee

         What Time Is It Mr. Wolf?

         Basketball Games

         Red Light Green Light.


          After the winter, the paint on your playground probably needs to be touched up.  Have the school purchase a gallon of exterior paint and ask a class to re-paint the lines for games during an art (or health) period, i.e. hopscotch, four square, basketball key, goal posts for soccer or team handball. Studies have shown that giving the playground a fresh coat of paint can drastically increase physical activity levels by as much as 40%.