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Crunch & Sip School Grant Application for Nutrition Month (March) - pdf

Crunch & Sip School Grant Application for Nutrition Month (March) - Word

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Crunch and Sip

           Crunch and Sip is a pre-arranged opportunity for students to eat a portion of fruit or vegetable and have a drink of water at school in the afternoon.  Researchers have found that when all students are eating fruit or vegetables in the classroom, children don't want to be the only ones not participating, a kind of positive peer pressure.  Teachers also report that children concentrate better because they are not hungry during lessons.  

           The Western School District , Western Health, and Labrador-Grenfell Health would like to invite schools to participate in Crunch and Sip, a campaign for schools to promote healthy eating in classrooms and whose aim is to aid in children’s ability to focus and learn.  In Canada, only 23% of youth ages 2 to 17 eat five or more servings of vegetables and fruit per day.  Canada’s Food Guide recommends five servings per day for children ages 4 to 8 and six servings per day for youth ages 9 to 13.  Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables will promote normal growth in children and protect them against disease later in life.  

          In the afternoon, children's attention often starts to wane in class.  Allowing students to eat a fruit or vegetable in class helps students to re-fuel and boost their physical and mental performance and concentration in the classroom.  Crunch and Sip is a voluntary activity that gives children the opportunity to eat a piece of fruit that might otherwise be left in their lunch bag and not be eaten at all.  As one Mom said, "The fruit always gets eaten now.  It never comes home anymore." 

            Students who are well nourished and well hydrated perform better in the classroom and are less likely to be irritable and disruptive. Crunch and Sip is a daily reminder to encourage students to bring a fruit or vegetable and a water bottle to class in the afternoon.