Memo to Parents

Healthy Beverage Week Poster



Lesson Plans

Helping Students Make Healthy Beverage Choices 

Using the Nutrition Facts Table: % Daily Value


Powerpoint Presentations

Healthy Beverages: What's in Your Drink?  (and Speaker Notes) (L. French/ L. Hillier)

10 Tips to Eat Well & Be Active (and Speakers' Notes)



Would You Drink 16 Packs of Sugar? (1 min., New York City)

How Do You Know Which Drinks Are Heathy? (Sip Smart, 4 min.)

The Secrets of Sugar (CBC documentary, October 2013)


Bookmark for Students: Re-Think Your Drink


Healthy Beverages

School principals have told us that many of the studentsí lunches and snacks coming from home are not particularly healthy.  This is particularly true with sugar-sweetened beverages such as Kool-Aid Jammers, Fruit Punch, Five Alive, and soft drinks all too common.  To support schools with their Healthy Eating efforts and to highlight the importance of Milk and Water, the western region of the NLESD has organized a Healthy Beverage Week that could be done at any time in schools.    Here are the intended learning objectives.  Students will:

  • Identify the amount of sugar found in commonly consumed beverages.
  • Describe the nutrition implications of drinking these beverages regularly.
  • Identify healthier options.

Photo: Compliments of Maisie Groves, IRT, Labrador Straits Acad.

Photo: Compliments of Nadine Spence, Elwood Elementary

Photo: Compliments of Lisa Hare-Walsh, St. Boniface A.G.

Photo: Compliments of Philip Snow, William Gillett Academy