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Student Wellness Action Teams 

Leadership Training

      Schools in the western region are invited to send a teacher and a group of student leaders to an informative and fun training session that that will help promote health, wellness, and student leadership within your school.  It is our hope that these training sessions will guide student leaders to mentor younger students and role model positive behaviors to help others make healthy choices.  (For those schools that attended S.W.A.T. training sessions last year, they can send students who attended previously and/or new recruits for this year.)  

       The role of the student leaders for Student Wellness Action Teams is to promote healthy behaviors amongst younger children and use their talents to help create a culture of wellness in school.  A student leader should:

         be available to participate in a regional training session 

         be a good role model for living healthy with youth

         have good communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills

         be willing to attend meetings when scheduled at lunch time or after school

         be able to lead activities and games at recess and lunch and recruit participants to help.

Who can attend the regional training sessions?

We recommend that each school consider for their Wellness Team:

         1 or 2 lead teachers, guidance counsellors, or school administrators

         6 8 committed student leaders across several grade levels in grades 5 to 11 (to assure some continuity in the years to come). 

         If possible, the public health nurse for the school and/ or an interested parent or school council member would make for a good addition to the school team.

How can I register my school for a Student Wellness Action Team training session?

If you would like to send a team to the training session, please take a minute to complete the brief Registration Form and send it to Bill Allan at or fax at 709-634-1828.