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Live Well Half-Marathon Challenge

… Building a healthy body one day at a time!


            This year, the Western School District is initiating a new 5210 campaign to encourage students and families to get active and eat healthy. This campaign will  help young people be healthy with a daily intake of:

  • 5 or more fruits and veggies,

  • 2 hours or less of TV,

  • 1 hour of physical activity, and

  • 0 sugary drinks.   

These four simple numbers can help encourage families to eat healthy and be active. 

The first event of this 5-2-1-0 campaign will be the Live Well Half-Marathon Challenge for September and October 2013.  Students (along with parents and teachers) are invited to participate in 21 days of physical activity and healthy eating as part of the Kids Live Well Half-Marathon Challenge.  (A half-marathon is 21 kilometers and this is why the event is 21 days.)  At the start of each school day, students will record on the tracking calendars their physical activity and healthy eating from the previous day.  Students need one-half hour of vigorous activity or one full hour of moderate activity to count for their physical daily activity each day.  When a student does that much physical activity in a day, he/she colors in the sneaker on the calendar.  For each day in which students eat the recommended servings of Vegetables and Fruit according to Canada’s Food Guide, students color in the apple on their calendar. (More information on this is on the back of the Calendar.)   This continues each day for 21 days.  Students return their calendars when they finish and will receive a certificate in honour of their dedication to keeping active and eating well and a chance to win prizes. 

 Parents and teachers can help build healthy habits by being good role models.  Help the children pack healthy snacks and lunches and one for yourself too!  Go for a walk or go to the park after supper.  If parent or teachers want to participate, they can submit a calendar as well.  Completed calendars will be submitted by Friday, October 25 and a draw for prizes will be held at the end of the month.   

 Thanks for your help with this!