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               If high schools want to decrease the number of smokers, it might make sense to try to decrease the smoking rate in students coming into their school. If you have fewer addicted students entering your high school and they continue to choose not to smoke all through high school, the impact is huge! Did you know that in Canada 85% of smokers start before their 18th birthday...if young people can get through high school without smoking, odds are they'll go through life smoke-free!

          The Students Working Against Tobacco (S.W.A.T.) initiative builds upon previous actions taken by stakeholders in the western region.  Students in Grade 10 are asked to tell the deadly truth about tobacco and deliver the message to engage students in Grades 5 - 7.  We want youth to take a leadership role in implementing action plans that create awareness and affect positive change in schools and communities with respect to the use of tobacco.  

Credit - Thanks to the following for use of their resources:

  • Provincial Cancer Prevention and Awareness Grant

  • Tobacco Free Schools, Teens Against Tobacco Use

  • Barbara Tascona, SWAT Facilitator of Manitoba

  • OxyGen, Australia

  • Teaming up for Tobacco Free Kids, Alberta Health



S.W.A.T. team at work at Jakeman All Grade