There are lots of great School Health stories out there.  Share what you are doing with:

  • Physical Activity
  • Healthy Eating
  • Tobacco Free.

If you would like to add your success story, email Bill Allan with a brief description.  Your success story will be posted on our web site as soon as it is reviewed.  



  • Torrent River Academy    St. James Elementary
  • Holy Cross All Grade       Lourdes Elementary
  • Humber Elementary         Templeton Academy
  • C.C. Loughlin                    St. Michael's Elementary


  •       St. James Elementary           Legallais Memorial

  •       Lourdes Elementary              Our Lady of Mercy

  •       Humber Elementary              Long Range Academy

  •       Viking Trail Academy           St. Lewis Academy

  •       J.J. Curling                         C.C. Loughlin

  •       Pasadena Elementary            St. Michael’s  Elementary

  •       Mary Simms All Grade         Sacred Heart Elementary

  •       St. Thomas Aquinas




Our Lady of the Cape, Cape St. George: “Since the inservice, students have been skipping, four-squaring, and hop scotching every day in the morning, at recess, and at lunch.  We’ve added about 45 minutes of activity to our students’ schedule every day.  Participation is great, office-related incidents during recess and lunch have gone down, and jumping ability has greatly improved!”


St. Boniface All Grade, Ramea: The new playground games have become really popular with all ages and both sexes.  I did not have the stencils, but I went out with the Grade 4/5 art class, and we measured (math), chalked and painted (art), and developed our working-together skills.  I taught the Grade 4/5 class the Four Square game and they taught it to all the other students in the school.  Talk about leadership!  Students come to get equipment before entering school in the morning, at lunch time, and even after school.  This is a nice change from seeing students standing around by the door waiting for the bell to ring.  A great success!  


J.J.Curling, Corner Brook:   The new playground has been a big hit!  Students are learning the new games in their Physical Education classes.  It is wonderful to see the activity level of the children increase.  Instead of simply standing around at recess and lunch with “nothing to do”, a much higher number of students are physically active.  Skipping has become a hit once again as well!  One of the Student Assistants took it upon herself to put together many skipping rhymes for students to use.  This has been a real revival of skipping and playground games.    


Mary Simms All Grade, Main Brook  The new playground area has tremendously increased the amount of physical activity throughout the school body.  The students are also using the facilities after school and all of this activity has boosted school morale and is having a positive effect on our school culture.  From watching how much the students enjoy these facilities, they should get lots of use during the summer. 


Torrent River Academy, Hawke's Bay:   The “new playground” has been a major success!  The children now spend recess, lunch, and even after school playing their new favorite games.  They play here day and night and even junior and senior high students have been using the new playground.  When I left here at 7:30 Thursday night, they were still outside playing.  Sure makes you feel good!!  Special thanks to the firefighters who cleaned the parking lot and donated the paint. 


Student Nutrition Survey District Results (June 2013)