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Life Is Better Smoke Free

Radio Ad Contest

Despite recent successes with declining smoking rates amongst youth, almost 100,000 people in our province continue to smoke.   Every 10 minutes, two Canadian teenagers start smoking cigarettes; one of them will lose their life because of it.  Tobacco companies don’t tell us that tobacco is addictive and deadly.  That is where we need students to tell the deadly truth.  We’re looking for 30-second radio ads aimed at preventing tobacco use by Newfoundland youth.  The ads should be related to the theme, “Life Is Even Better Smoke Free!”. 

In December, we will choose five ads to represent the western region of NLESD.  The students involved with the 5 winning ads shall receive Certificates of Appreciation.  Each of these ads will have a chance to have their message broadcast on CBC Radio, CFCB Radio, Rogers Cable TV, and possibly other media outlets around the province.  The five winning classes shall receive:

·       $150 cash prize from the Alliance for the Control of Tobacco to go to the school of the sponsoring teacher (to help promote healthy living in school)

·        Class swimming pool, skating, or bowling party (depending on location).    

Our Step by Step Lesson Plan can guide interested classes in this project which provides an excellent opportunity to involve students in a critical literacy activity, one in which they actually take an action that may lead to social change.  The work for this contest will certainly cross all three strands of the English Language Arts Curriculum: speaking and listening, reading and viewing, writing and other ways of representing activities.  Having some of the projects aired on school PA systems, CBC Radio, CFCB Radio, and Rogers Cable TV lends to the authenticity of the project. 

              To ensure that the Smoke Free message gets out to students in each and every school, we hope that the school principal can ask for at least one teacher in the school to have a class, healthy school team, or club participate in this contest.  This could be a great fit for classes in Language Arts, Health, or Drama and a great way to convey the Smoke Free message.  Thanks for your help with this.